• Biography

    • Started playing bass guitar in rockbands in 1975 but also loves jazz.

    • 1981, admitted to the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag, studied
    uprightbass with Victor Kaihatu and continued his studies in Arnhem
    with Henk Haverhoek.

    • He is selftaught on the bass guitar.

    • 1985, he became a professional rock and jazz musician.

    • Jazz, to name a few: Jerry Gonzales, Dick de Graaf, Ernst Reijsiger,
    Pierre Courbois, Louis van Dijk, Koos van der Sluis, I Compani,
    Michiel Braam en Martin Fondse. Rock, the legendary band BlowBeat,
    Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) and Jan Akkerman. Rhythm and Blues with,
    amongst others, Dr. John and Guy Forsyth.

    • Worked in recording studios on rock projects and singer/songwriter productions.

    • 1996-1998, duo concerts/tours with drummer Rene Creemers, all over Europe.

    • Since 2000 with singer/songwriter Marcel v/d Beeten (MEC).

    • 2002, project with Urban Dance Squad guitar player ‘Tres Manos’ René van
    Barneveld, Rinus Groeneveld, Arthur Leijten and Ernst Reijsiger.

    • Workshops, master classes, solo concerts in The Netherlands and
    Germany. (European Bass Day 2002, 2004).

    • 2003 Project with Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) and Jan Akkerman.

    • 2005, I Compani 20 year jubilee tour.

    • Since 2006 Michiel Braam’s Wurli Trio,now eBraam; Contemporary impro combined
    with vintage 70’s sounds.

    • Since 2006 Bachelor Beats; dance jazz impro rock beats groove images
    and weird stories. An initiative together with Hans Hasebos.

    • 2011 Hybrid 10tet the Wurli-trio, now eBraam, with the Matangi-stringquartet,
    Taylor Ho Bynum,  Nils Wogram and Carl-Ludwig Hubsch on a succesfull
    European tour. CD, live from the BIMhuis, to be released september 2011.

    • 2012 BGUTI- orchestra a soloproject; a 10 piece-band that combines
    Rootsmusic with European improvisors. Première and CD "3 Strippers In Gaza"-release in March . With a clubtour follow up. The line up is Wolter Wierbos, Morris Kliphuis 
    (Kyteman), Peter Haex (Bik Bent Braam), Jerome Hol, Kristina Fuchs,
    Ton Engels, Dirk-Peter Kölsch, Michiel Braam and me. Composer Nico Huijbregts
    wrote a solo-piece for bassguitar and the Matangi-stringquartet that will
    be presented live in 2012.    



    1985 Rota – I Compani
    1985 Hands up – BlowBeat
    1990 BlowBeat – BlowBeat
    1993 Chainsaw melodies – BlowBeat
    1998 ParadoX – Creemers/Douma
    1998 Blue Lou – Blue Lou and the headhunters feat. Guy Forsyth
    2003 Break the seal – MEC
    2005 Indian Roots – Nandita Gosh
    2005 Fellini – I Compani
    2006 Hosting Changes – Michiel Braam’s Wurli Trio
    2006 European Bassday compilatie
    2006 Preprod. – Bachelor Beats
    2007 Preproduction Greatherland – MEC
    2009 NON-FUNCTIONALS! - Michiel Braam's Wurli Trio
    2009 One vision of the Queen - Bachelor Beats
    2011 One for the money, but two for the show - René Creemers' Drumbassadors
    2011 Hybrid on the Move - Michiel Braam's Hybrid tentet
    2011 "3 STRIPPERS IN GAZA" - Pieter Douma's BGUTI-orchestra

    2013 "3" eBraam

    2013 "Greatherland" MEC

    2015 The Etraordinairy Lovestory Of Aye Aye And Fedor by eBraam

    2016 Fear No More MEC

    2016 "Veg Out" Any Vegetable

  • Listening




  • Studying with Pieter Douma

    • Bassguitar teacher Musicschool Doetinchem (1989 - 1994)
    • Bassguitar teacher
       Rotterdam Codarts, jazz (1991 - 2012)
       Arnhem ArtEZ, jazz / pop (1993 - present)
    • Teacher bassguitar methodic / didactics
    • Bandcoach
    • Bassguitarclinics
    • Project based bandcoaching. Dealing with banddynamics. Problems that occur in the creative, organizing and social field. 
    • Studioproduction
    • Private lessons
       Rudiments: left hand / right hand coordination, sound, timing.
       Repertoire: jazz, worldmusic, pop, rithm ‘n blues


    Times change, developments come in rapid succession. It is the same in music education. The teacher-student relationship has also changed, it used to be the teacher who decided on what to teach, today’s assertive student will also want to have a say in what he or she wants to learn.

    To me imagination and basic skills remain the foundation of musical development: sound, timing and making musical choices.

    All-embracing is the hunger for music, for ideas. Keith Richards: “To listen to music is a higher art than to play it.” To gather repertoire is the best ’input’ for a musician. Immediately relating everything you have learned to the practice of making music is a lot more fun.

    Every decade or period has its own specific sounds and ways of expression. These keep coming back in waves in pop, rock, fusion, jazz and impro. There is no instrument that manifested itself as widely in music as the bass guitar does, even though the instrument has only been around for 50 years and is still a work in progress.



    André van der End, baritonbass
    André van der End, 4-stringbass
    Fender Precision Frettless 1978
    Epiphone Semi Acoustic "Jack Cassady" signature
    André van der End, precision bass Semour Duncans Antiques


    TC electronics FLASHBACK

    Electro Harmonics MICRO POG


    Aguilar AG500, 4X10" speakercabinet

    Fender Deluxe guitaramp

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